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              Xianda Textile Machinery

              About Us

              Wuxi Xianda Textile Machinery Factory is located close to the beautiful lake Taihu. With Shanghai- Nanjing express high way and No 312 state way at its west and one kilometer apart from the under- constructed Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway, it enjoys a convenient transportation. The company was established and put into operation in the year 1991 and then in year 2003, it invested and set up Wuxi Weike Machanic&Electro Processing Limited Company, to conduct the research, development and production of the textile machinery and precision plumbing.The company covers an area of 60000 square meters, has floor space of 35000 square meters, registered capital RMB10 million Yuan (equal to US$1.4 million), 258 employees, of which the technicians are college graduates, 8 senior engineers and 2 master degree graduates.

              CNC High Speed Punch (Nisshinbo Japan)
              CNC Bending Machine (Accur Canada)
              CNC Laser Cutting Machine (TRUMPT.GERMANY)

              The significance of the extension of the automatic loom in the textile industry

              Although the shuttle loom has undergone continuous reform, but the traditional weft principle unchanged, with "(Casting (shuttle) weft;

              The dry and wet strength of viscose fiber in chemical fiber is very different

              The way of hand feeling is based on the appearance, color, length, thickness, strength, elasticity, touch and impurity of fiber. It relies on human sensory organs to identify fibers.

              Friction disc type weaving shaft winding mechanism and gauze device

              On the grooved drum, the grooves that guide the yarns to the central side of the middle of the trough are called the grooves, and the grooves that lead the yarns from the side of the trough back to the middle are called the back grooves.

              The effect of the collaterals on the quality and efficiency of the successor process

              In the process of warping or weaving, the loosening head will be loosened to cause parking. The larger knob in the loom L not only affects the fracture of the adjacent yarn, but also prevents the yarn from passing through the fully mechanized and box teeth.

              The tension disc is vertically placed with the spring pressure

              When using disc tension device, the uneven tension of yarn will cause considerable additional dynamic tension. Especially when the winding speed increases, this additional tension will increase dramatically.

              Mechanical yarn cleaner is used in the winding process

              In winder, yarn tension device is installed in the back of the yarn should be vertically through the metal sheet between the gap, must not be in the yarn in the yarn twists and turns,

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